Why are most men always getting jewelleries for their partner in Valentines or Anniversaries? Normally men cannot be bothered to look for gifts till the last minute and when they are rushing they always end up buying diamond jewellery or silver jewellery for their loved once. This is not a bad thing. All I am trying to say is start early looking for gifts give your partner a unique gift every year so she will be surprised by it. Make it unpredictable that’s what I mean.

I have made the mistake of buying something really late and unfortunately did not get away with it. 2009 Valentines, I left it late and I only had 24 hours to buy her something for 14th of February and on top of that I had no idea what to get. As I was running out of time I thought I will quickly get her few silver necklaces which she wasn’t impressed with because I bought her silver bracelets a year earlier, and from her look I gathered she was expecting something different.

So this year I thought I will surprise her and get her something different. In the morning of Valentines Day she woke up and saw the envelope on her bedside table, which I had placed after she fell asleep, it had a romantic weekend away to Venice for both of us. As I was in the kitchen making some breakfast I heard her running down the stairs. I see her face with a huge smile and eyes just dying to tell me how much she loves me. She stopped looked at me and gave me the biggest kiss and a hug that I wasn’t really expecting. She was ecstatic and to be honest so was I. It made me so happy to see her happy, it’s a great feeling.

We went upstairs and started packing our bags and to be honest she still has the same smile and we are in April. We have our anniversary in August I might do something like this to surprise her again. So my advice to all the men is to do some research while buying a present as women do like surprises and gifts are very important to them.