It seems that not a day goes by without us having to buy some sort of gifts, the constant stream of birthdays, anniversaries as well as mothers day and fathers day never seems to end. It seems that as soon as one birthday is over and done with it’s time to start planning gift ideas for another, this saps our creativity and for every great gift idea we come up with we purchase ten more mundane, generic gifts that are neither surprising, useful or particularly gratefully received by its’ recipient. Getting creative with gifts is so much more rewarding, the look of joy on someone’s face when you get them something truly unique and surprising is priceless.

Personalised gifts are always a great route to take, though they only suit certain individuals. Older people for example are more accepting of homemade cards and gift while a person that loves high tech gadgets will be more than disappointed by a card made of glue and Macaroni! The best route to take is to consider not just what hobbies and interests the recipient has, but how materialistic they are, and whether they choose to spend their money on physical products or experiences.

You can be fairly certain that someone with a lounge full of widescreen TV’s, blue ray players, games consoles and other assorted electronic gizmos would be overjoyed with something like an engraved iPod, that’s if they don’t already have one! On the other hand, someone who spends most of their time outside the house occupied with social meetings or activities would be much more appreciative of a paid for day out or an activity voucher for something such as paintballing. Whoever you are buying for try to pre-empt their desires, think of Christmas gift ideas that aren’t socks, wooly jumpers or chocolates!