Vera Wang deals for valentines day

Valentines Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to get those romantic juices flowing. What better way then to get your loved one the best name brand(Vera Wang)perfumes today. There is no need to pay twice what you would pay in a retail store for the same product.Today you can get supreme Vera Wang deals on the internet.

When it comes to fashion design, jewelry, and wedding dress design few pale in comparison to the lovely Mrs. Wang, especially her line of perfumes. She needs no introduction any where in the free world. She spent sixteen years as a fashion designer before taking her expertise to Ralph Lauren. Following the Lauren stint she started designing wedding dresses that now range up to $6,000. She now has a line of the sweetest smelling aromatics imaginable.

Wang’s love for fashion had its roots in her attendance at the most prestigious Paris fashion shows as a child, to which her mother would regularly take her. Following her graduation from the Sorbonne, Wang was given the opportunity to serve as Senior Fashion Editor at Vogue magazine. For the next 15 years she not only worked with and mentored under the world’s fashion elite, but she was also thoroughly exposed to how the day-to-day business of fashion was transacted.

Wang left Vogue in 1985 to work as a design director for Ralph Lauren, where she worked until 1990 when she decided to open her own fashion label.
Mrs. Wang opened her own luxury salon, where she landed designing dresses for Nancy Kerrigan. She still continues to design dresses for professional ice skaters. Today, Vera Wang is perhaps the best known wedding dress designer in the business. She has expanded her brand to include fragrance, jewelry, eyewear, shoes, and a home collection with Wedgewood, all touched by her luxurious and sophisticated style. She continues to live in New York City with her husband, Arthur Becker, and their two daughters.

Vera Wang has become a house hold celebrity name. She has worked for Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, and Sharon Stone. Other celebrities wearing Vera Wang on their wedding day include Uma Thurman, Mariah Carey, Holly Hunter, and Karenna Gore

Men if you don’t know who she is, now you do and your lady will be impressed when she opens up her valentine. Getting great Vera Wang deals will make the evening that much more romantic. If your beautiful lady does knot know who Mrs. Wang is (I doubt it), then you will have the opportunity to spark a conversation of interest. You will surprise her with a sweet smelling gift and your knowledge of fashion. You know what happens after that, just don’t be shocked if she want’s a wedding dress next.

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