Hello everyone I would like to start off this article by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. Last year was a great year for me and I hope that all of my readers feel the same. Also, last year had a lot of land marks in fixing the financial recession we are currently going through in the United States! This yeare is going to be much better though. Starting the new year is always exciting but I would like to explain why you should starte the new year by getting a new credit card and how you can go about getting one.

As we all know, we are sitting in the middle of a world wide financial recession. I know I know so if we are in a financial recession where is the sence in obtaining a new credit card? Well there are a few reasons you should get one:

1. Charge cards can help to build your credit – Credit is based on many factors however, one of the main factors when calculating your credit score is how well you can controll revolving charge cards. Getting a new credit card and using it properly will help you to build or repair your credit score fairly quickly and if you start now you can have good credit before 2011!

2. Charge card accounts may be a repairing factor when it comes to the recession – There are a few things that have cause the financial recession but eventually it will have to get better. One of the things that are slowing the reparation of the economy is that many people are not spending money and many lending institutions have made it harder to obtain a loan. However, when more and more consumers start to fill out those applications and get approved it will pump more money into the economy therefore having a positive effect on our overall financial situation.

With that said, there are many readers who are going to read that and think “well if lending institutions are making it harder to get a loan, how am I going to get a credit card?”. There are a few steps that you should follow for this process as well:

1. Find out what your credit score is – Getting a chargecard is not too hard when you know your credit score and what the number means. Once you have this information all you will need to do is go online and fill a few applications. Here are what the scores mean 619 and below is bad credit, 620-679 is fair credit, 680-720 is good credit, and 720 and above is excellent credit.

2. Search for a couple credit cards based on your credit score – There are websites all over that will give you options by credit, the best one I know of is JemCreditCards.com. If you know you have good credit go to the page on the website that offers only good credit credit cards and choos a few that you think will be good for you.

3. Read the terms and conditions – Reading the terms and conditions of the credit card that you will potentially be applying for is very important. Don’t get yourself into something that you will be kicking yourself for in the very near future.

4. Apply for the credit card that is best for you – After reading every thing about a few different cards, choos the card that will fit your financial desires. Once you have figured out the best credit card offer, go ahead and apply. There is no reason to be affraid to apply for a credit the worst thing they can do is decline the application.

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