Free stuff becoming now more and more popular, because the people get more attracted to the idea of getting free stuff with out put any money from their pocket.
Now you may be thinking why the companies they are going to give free stuff?
To put it simply, this is a new method of marketing. It follows a simple referral scheme structure and encourages people to view a selection of carefully selected offers from reputable, trusted companies.

That’s why They place a high value on people using their services and products and are hoping that some of the people that sign up for a free trial will find the service or product useful and become happy paying customers.

That way they give more confidence to their customers showing them that they really have a really good product and they don’t mind share it with you so can make up your decision when it comes to buy the product, and always with out any obligation to the company.

Normally they are two types of offers “free stuff online” is like it sounds you get the product just signing for the offer entering your personal details and no credit card requires, after you sing up and enter all the details necessaries, they will send you the product buy post or email etc… after that is up to you, if you try the product and then like it you can buy the Standard product that is design for commercial sell. If you don’t like it you keep the product and you move to the next one sample as that.

And the other one is “free trial” this one are normally for 30 days trial and depends of the company it may ask you for additional card bank after you enter you personal details, because the value of the product it may be expensive and to stop people over abuse of their free offers and try to get more than one is the standard police for all the companies (one product for every house) or in the other hand some times they ask the customer pay for delivery, is not expensive probably no more than 3 pounds. If you compare that against the value of the product its very worth the investment because some times you can get products valued on 50 to 60 pounds.

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