If you have to find a unique gift for a unique just married couple why not to think about giving a honeymoon gift basket? Having not enough free time left during wedding planning, you could easily provide a special and custom gift that will surely be appreciated by newly weds. A personalized gift basket could have some special touches from romantic mood or hold some special surprises. And what is the most important a wedding gift basket is extremely easy to create on your own.

Today the best gift basket could be found at craft shops or at a home goods store. You could paint the basket yourself or add some ribbons detailing to match the bride’s color pallet. As well there are a lot of different sizes and shapes of the gift boxes including traditional storage containers as well as circular boxes that are covered with different decorative printed papers. The majority of these gift boxes are include a lid that allows you to decide whether you want the whole contents to fit neatly in the confines of the box or you would rather wrap the box in tulle or cellophane.

If you are searching for some ways to reduce the cost of your gift basket, then you can consider using a gift bag as your containers for gifts. Especially it will be helpful is the couple is really dashing off to their honeymoon right after the reception.

While choosing different gifts to place in the gift basket, you may consider using a theme in your gift selection. Your gift basket could be centered on the honeymoon location like offering disposable underwater cameras or sunburn relief lotion for different beach location. And if the couple is going to a colder climate, then you could provide specialty hot chocolate mixes, favorite teas and flavored coffee beans. If the couple is planning an outdoor excursion, then you could think about adding some repellents or engraved thermal coffee containers that could be enjoyed for a long time after the honeymoon has ended.

As well you could include the photos of couple’s beloved pets that could be left behind or postcard stamps in case they would like to send some snail mail home. As well you can add favorite homemade cookies and drinks for a long trip or some special scented candles in order to help to create a romantic evening. If you certainly know where the honeymoon location will be, quite a unique gift would mean researching on the internet to find a gift certificate for a local shop or restaurant as a special surprise for the couple.

Traditionally, couples receive a lot of different wedding gifts, but years later they remember just few that they received. Today honeymoon gift baskets offer an opportunity to customize and personalize the content and be really thoughtful of what the couple will really enjoy for many years to come.

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