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A senior executive with the pharmaceutical giant Novartis says the company is working around the clock to provide countries with the information they need to release flu vaccines currently being withheld from distribution.

Canada and a number of countries have suspended use of two types of Novartis flu vaccines in the past week after Italian authorities ordered the company to stop distribution of the products in Italy.

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The “flu” shot…

Big business loves them, but they don’t make sense.

Even if you buy the “inject my bloodstream with crap to help build my immunity” theory, the flu shot is a very strange beast indeed.

The theory says “we give you a bit of the disease so your body can develop immunity against it.”

The problem as far as the flu shot is concerned is this:

In order to make the “vaccine” available on time, drug companies have to start the manufacturing long before they know what form the flu will take the coming “flu season.”

So what are they putting in their shots?

Apparently this…

The vaccine manufacturing company Novartis has recently made the news this time with the recall of 160,000 dosages of the Aggripal influenza flu vaccination in both the United Kingdom and Italy. The recall was due to ‘particles seen floating in the vials’ the particles were later determined to be protein aggregates. When researching protein aggregates we soon find that they are not only dangers misfolded proteins but they are also toxic and linked to amyloidal diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Pion’s. These 160,000 doses of Aggripal were so saturated with protein aggregates that they were visible to the naked eye as floating particulate matter. These toxic injections are referred to as ‘hot batches’ meaning they are concentrated dosages of viral components that have clumped together in a bolus of immune system shocking protein aggregates.

This connection could explain the overwhelming number of sick and ill children being born and raised here in the United States of America which has become the land of the fees and the home of the slaves. In addition to a growing population of autism spectrum disorder children and young adults with medicated personality disorders is the increase number of senior citizens who appear to be losing their grip on reality due to a brain related injuries like Alzheimer’s. Is it a coincidence that seniors and kids are targeted by the vaccine industry far more often than any other section of the population? These annual flu shots have the highest level of mercury allowed containing double the amount found in other vaccines offered by these sadistic needle stabbing medical maniacs. How many of these hot shots go unnoticed or unreported? With the manufacture stating that protein aggregation is common in vaccine production we can only assume this is standard operating procedure created as a design aspect rather than design flaw.