Many people, possibly including yourself, still think that the necktie and shirt must be of the same color. But, fashion styles have focused on mixing and matching apparel lately. How to choose the patterned neckties with different base colors is the focus. Start with the match directly and now we can even ignore the material. Fortunately, the mix and match of shirts and silk necktie might not as complicated as it sounds. You will find that the match is so easy when as long as you learn some simple ways. Here are four ways to combine between the ties and shirts which allow you to monitor the trend of fashion.

The repetition of the similar color is the first important practice. If that applies, then choose your shirt first and take note of its primary color. The tie that you choose should match the primary color of your shirt. For example, the brown shirt with a pink tie sets a good example. Bringing out the brown dots in the paisley design tie with a pink background can be done when paired with a shirt that has subtle brown stripes.

If you want a stunning new look, choose grid ties paired with shirts. The basic rule of this method is to wear a shirt with a small plaid and a tie with a large grid. Also, you should make sure that your necktie and shirt match correctly. A good example of this is to have a larger check mark pattern on the tie and a small pattern on the shirt. With the larger grid from shirts to neckties, it will create the image of a man who cares about the details. In addition, remember to choose the pants which are in the similar color.

If you choose the shirt and tie in the same size proportion, it will be too confusing. You can bring attention to the visual contrast in size of both of them. Gray with white stripes is a classic design for shirts. Accordingly the matched tie is also in the gray base with slender white stripes while the group of blue stripes is more compelling. The less eye-catching shirts with the appropriate necktie in the bright color can break the dull from the dark color.

By coordinating simple and elegant with lively patterns and designs, you can create your own unique look. Even when the shirts and ties have totally different styles, you can always work with this rule. A sophisticated tie is a good way to counter balance a plain shirt. If your shirt is in the neutral color, such as white, black, or gray, you have no need to worry about whether you should keep the similar color. If you aren’t afraid to wear the color, this could be a really good look. A shirt in lavender with a single set of buttons down the front wouldn’t look out of place with the stripes. It means that the neckties with striped patterns and colorful embroidery patterns are the best option for this shirt.

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