Mistakes should be consumed, especially when experimenting with candy and chocolate making. Let the good times roll! The point is, start off with a great way of thinking, and just have fun. Candy making is absolutely not too difficult, you’ll pick it up really easily, and discover a new and fun hobby, with benefits! Wait until you see the remarkable treats that may be prepared. Who knows maybe, you’ll even launch a little business and make a few bucks.

First word of advice: Buy a top notch class of chocolate, not the bad waxy tasting substance that is sold at truly low prices. Every single time that I’ve prepared a taste test, the test person picks out the good chocolate. It creates a world of difference. My suggestion for a really good melting chocolate would be the Merckens® brand. This brand can be purchased in stores that sell cake and candy decorating supplies.

Step 1 would be to melt the chocolate as explained in our Melting Guide.

Step 2 will be to fill the die up. Pour the melted candy accurately into the mold. The melted candy is either in the bowl, pastry bag, or perhaps a melting bottle. When the mold is filled, faintly tap it a number of times on your counter to remove any air bubbles inside the candy,

Step 3 would be to Chill Out! By this I suggest to cool the chocolate down by placing the filled molds inside the refrigerator or freezer. This does not take long, within 5 to 10 minutes the chocolate will be ready to unmold. I usually wait for the top of the candy to look like it has that frosted appearance.

Last Step which is number 4 Unmold Your Creation! Turn the mold over and suspend above your countertop about an inch or two. You’ll probably want the chocolates to fall over a plate or paper towels. Take care and gently flex the mold until the chocolates fall out. Your chocolates will remain fresh for a few weeks if your store them in a cool and dry place.

In order to keep your goodies fresh, it is not necessary to refrigerate them. Simply keep them in an sealed container at room temperature (if it is the summer and you do not use air-conditioning, and its 90 degrees outside, store them in a cooler space, like maybe the basement.)

Mom must have taught you well in the event you’ve already cleaned up. Anyway I might as well mention it now…Based on a well known source “Once you finish making candy, clean your candy molds in warm water and dry thoroughly using soft cloth. Do not use soap or detergent as they could ultimately cause molds to dry out and crack. By no means boil you molds or place them in the dishwasher. Molds can keep going for years if you store them the right way. Also keep them flat to prevent warping and place tissues between stacked molds to avoid scrapes.”

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