Mothers Day Gift Love Wish Pearl in Oyster Pendant Necklace 18k GP

Product Description:

Only nature could create such a perfect gift, guaranteed to thrill whoever receives it The mystery and excitement that goes in the process of opening the oyster and finding your very own special pearl is unmatched. Each WISH PEARL GIFT SET includes * AN OYSTER CONTAINING A PEARL. * 18K white Gold plated Heart Shape PEARL CAGE * 18k White gold plated CHAIN 18″ long * Instruction Booklet * Tool to open oyster The oyster is packaged in a container of special liquid solution -with no odor- . A major appeal of this unusual gift is the excitement and mystery as the recipient opens the oyster and finds their very own pearl. It takes three to five years for the oyster to form the pearl. The pearl will measure from 6.5-7.5mm. MAKE A WISH first before you open the can to get the pearl out. open the tin, who knows? your wish might come true………..

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