Adding color details to candies makes them more realistic and much more fun! For big areas of color, it is best to color the melted candy right in the mold before the whole candy is molded using a decorator brush. Or, for very small details like vines, mouths and messages, melted chocolate should be piped onto molded candies using a parchment bag with a little hole cut in the tip.

Melt desired Merckens® colors in the microwave using a candy Melting Plate. Using a decorator brush, paint areas of the candy molds with melted candy in a single color. Cool mold a few minutes until chocolate is firm, repeating for every additional color. For best results, always fill in a single section of the mold at a time and let set before adding additional colors.

Piping Information: Piping is the way in which you’ll add designs or details by restricted squeezing of melted candy, icing, etc., from a decorating bag. Just squeeze from the bag onto your molded chocolate. It is simple to include hair, facial features, clothes or other designs to chocolate. When using parchment bags: Go along with Parchment Triangles package directions to arrange one bag for every color. Melt the candy independently before putting in parchment bags and then spoon it into bags. With a scissors cut a small hole in tip and squeeze candy on molded chocolate. You could also reheat the chocolate if it hardens in the bag by placing the bag back inside the microwave or over a heating tray.

There isn’t any trick to molding chocolate on a stick! Most Molds for Candy are made with indentations to fit our lollipop sticks, so it’s easy to make and give these great chocolate treats. Lollipops are fun to decorate for your occasion, with simple ribbon and wraps.

1. Pour melted chocolate into lollipop die. Tap mold to get rid of air bubbles.
2. Position sticks in mold. Rotate sticks to carefully coat with chocolate so that they remain securely in place.
3. Cool until firm, remove lollipops by raising the stick and removing chocolate out of mold.

Lollipop Bouquets: Searching for a superb way to say “Get Well”, “Happy Birthday” or “I Love You”? These fantastic bouquets are really easy to make, using a coffee mug, flower pot or gift container and your homemade lollipops. They’re even more treasured, because you make them yourself

1. Using a craft knife cut a bit of foam craft block to fit your choice of container and rest inside. Or, wrap a rectangle of craft block in Wilton Fanci-Foil Wrap to make use of it as a base for the blossom

2. Insert your lollipops into the craft block, arranging in most wanted positions.

3. Decorate all-around lollipops with tissue, colored plastic wrap, curling ribbon, balloons, gift cards, etc

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