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We are one of those unique businesses, where we think of our customers as family. We come to know you on a personal level. We are 4 generations of Jewelers, where we get to know the generations of our customers. All of our repairs are done by our family…NEVER sent out. Visit Our New ECommerce Website at

We have a great selection of Fine Jewelry for you to pick from either online or at our store.

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A clasp is used when the jewelry designer wants to join two ends together in order to secure the object in question. It is the component used to suspend the adornment to the wearer. There is an endless array of clasps…

Where to Go Shopping. Inside Parque Papagayo there is a jewelry factory and outlet called B & B Jewelers. It is a great place to go to see jewelry in the making. Be sure to see the fire opals. At Taxco Exporta on the Costera AlemA!n in the Club Deportivo area, you can find not only jewelry, but artistic items of home dA©cor, including trays, vases and the like. The several Sanborns outlets in town also provide well-priced items of genuine Mexican silver articles and jewelry. If you are downtown, across the side street (Juan Escudero) from Sanborns is Linda de Taxco, a shop that specializes in the artistic output of these world-famous artisans. Nearby you can visit JoyerA­a Bonita Margarita where lots of silver and gold crafts can be found.

The first place many people consider is their local jewelry store or pawn shop. While they will indeed buy your gold jewelry like necklaces, chains, bracelets, or rings, it will be only for partial retail value. They do need to turn a profit so that is expected but make sure you know how much your gold is worth before hand by getting several appraisals first so you don’t get ripped off. In general, jewelry stores will give a better price than a pawnshop, but that is not always the case.

There is alot of people that are looking for a some custom jewelery like a gold jerusalem cross pendant with small diamonds or cz at the center of each cross. This unusual form of cross is not likely to be found in stock in jewelry stores. Sometimes these stores will have cross jewelry but most will not be made in gold.Golden Star Jewelry

My first piece of advice is to go shopping. Go to as many local jewelry stores as you can and try on a variety of rings. My experience, after being in the diamond business for four years, is that many women think they want a particular shape of diamond based on what they have seen in magazines and on television but in reality what looks good on their particular hand could be totally different. The biggest challenge in shopping is that most jewelry stores only carry rings in a certain size. There might be fifteen rings to look at but the majority of them are a finger size six. This is ok if you have a smaller finger size but can be very frustrating if you have a larger finger. It is so important that you are able to try the ring on and know that the ring will be comfortable to wear all the time.

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So, still if you haven’t tried out the pleasure of shopping from an online jewelry store then at least give it a try. You will surely, get impressed with its greater selection, wide variety and efficient prices that will take your heart easily. Surprise someone with a classy ornament and gift from the world of online stores that is really huge and incomparable.