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Five out of Five Stars. –

Old School Funny! –AOL games

With so little to chuckle about on the big screen lately, I highly recommend getting a copy of Gamers. It’s somewhat dark and downright cruel, but it’s also freekin’ hilarious. A solid 4 ½ cans out of 5 –
Product Description:
Gamers is a comedy about the lives of four slacker friends (and one obsessive interloper) living at home,
– with my parents… it s just temporary… til they die – working in the real world but playing in a fantasy world. Obsessed with a role playing game called Demons, Nymphs
and Dragons these gamers are the subject of this hilarious comedy which chronicles their journey to make it through their horrendous lives while attempting to break the world record for role playing for over 74,558 hours.
The sacrifice, the obsession, the blind dedication…
this is their true story.

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