Flowers are the perfect gift no matter what the occasion, whoever they are for or whatever the budget, with hundreds of varieties of flowers in a remarkable selection of colours you can always guarantee that you can find the perfect gift for every occasion.

Hundreds of thousands of floral gifts are sent around the world every year with different species of flowers being imported from as far a field as Columbia or as local as Cornwall with many florist shops offering exotic flowers like Birds of Paradise and tropical rainforest flowers such as the unusual Heleconia along with the more traditional Roses or Carnations, with such a huge choice they can make stunning bouquets to suit any taste or age range.

Flowers have always been a popular gift item but especially since the economic downturn more and more people are sending Flowers as a cheaper alternative to more expensive gifts.
With many florists offering same day delivery you need never worry if you’ve forgot an occasion as you can order flowers with your personal message and the recipient will be none the wiser that you had forgotten, popular occasions include Valentines day, Mothers day, Anniversaries and Birthdays but many people send flowers just to say thank you, sorry, wish somebody good luck or to welcome a new baby into the world.

Are you an old romantic? Then why not send the love of your life the traditional romantic gift of a dozen roses, red roses are the most popular as a romantic gesture but other colours are available too or if you want to be different why not send a modern vase arrangement of gerberas?

At the sad times when someone close to you or someone you know dies Flowers are displayed on or around the coffin as a tribute to the deceased often with a short message from the sender in remembrance, these tributes can be anything from full length coffin sprays and crosses to wreaths and dainty posies, also neutral coloured sympathy bouquets are often sent to the deceased family as a way for the sender to send their condolences to those left behind.

As well as marking the sad times flowers are a major part of the happiest time too with wedding flowers being the central focus of a brides big day, whether she has a classic posy or an elegant shower bouquet the brides flowers are as important as her wedding dress and generally the rest of the wedding flowers from the bridesmaids bouquet to the table arrangements to the buttonholes are all themed around it.

So flowers are here to stay as ideal gifts for all occasions and also to mark the special times throughout the year.

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