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Recall: Salami sold at Costco

Photo from Daniele, Inc. announced Jan. 23 a voluntary recall of approximately 1.24 million pounds of pepper-coated salami because of possible concerns of salmonella. The company recalled the product “after officials conducting a months-long, multistate investigation of a salmonella outbreak compared shopping receipts of those who got sick,” according to a Jan. 23 Associated Press story. The outbreak sickened 184 people in 38 states since July. The AP story reported that “public health investigators in Washinton state found that many of the state’s 14 residents who got sick shopped at the warehouse retailer Costco.” Costco has listed Daniele, Inc.’s press release on its page of product notices. The Rhode Island-based meat company stated in a Jan. 23 press release that “state and federal health officials have been unable to confirm a direct link between the illnesses and any Daniele product.” However the company is taking the aggressive step of recalling the salami in the event that further evidence points to Daniele, Inc. as the cause of the outbreak. Daniele, Inc. said that any consumer having problems with the following products should contact Daniele, Inc. at (888) 345-4160 for a full refund at the point of purchase:

  • Daniele All Natural Salame “Coated with Coarse Black Pepper) (10oz) 736436003802
  • Daniele Brand Gourmet Pack (Emballage Assorti Gourmet Italian)  (500g)736436707373
  • Daniele Deli Selection (20 oz)736436531024 / 736436854350
  • Daniele deli Selection (32oz) 736436720037
  • Daniele Gourmet Combo Pack (16 oz) 736436707380
  • Daniele Gourmet Deli Selection (Assortment De Fines Charcuterie Italienne)  (400g) 736436530131
  • Daniele Gourmet Italian Deli Selection (600g) 736436720051
  • Daniele Italian Brand Gourmet Pack (16 oz) 736436707335 / 736436857313
  • Daniele Italian Brand Gourmet Pack (8oz) 736436847291
  • Daniele Natural Salame Coated with Coarse Black Pepper (catch weight)
  • Daniele Pepper Salame  (catch weight) and EW. 736436303308
  • Daniele Salame Bites Pepper Salame (7oz) 736436200393
  • Daniele Surtido Fino Italiano (340g) 736436857092
  • Daniele Surtido Fino Italiano (454g) 736436707335
  • Dietz & Watson Artisan Collection Baby Genoa Pepper Salame (catch weight)
  • Dietz & Watson Artisan Collection Party Platter Pack (8 oz) 031506847103
  • Boar’s Head All Natural Salame (Coated with Coarse Black Pepper) (8oz) 042421160758
  • Black Bear Baby Genoa Pepper Salame (9 oz) 630003950226


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