Wedding Flower Checklist

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Wedding Flower Checklist

A guide to all the wedding flowers you’ll need

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Before you talk to your florist, put together a list of wedding flowers you’ll need. It will help focus your discussions, and help you stay within budget! (keep in mind that this is only a general checklist. You certainly don’t need all of the flowers listed here. You may also wish to add corsages or boutonnieres for other people that are special to you.)

Wedding Party
___Bridal Bouquet
___Flowers for bride’s hair
___Bridesmaid’s bouquets ___number of bridesmaids
___Different bouquet for maid of honor?
___Flower girl headpiece
___Flower girl basket decorations
___Flower girl petals to toss
___Groom’s boutonniere
___Groomsmen’s boutonnieres ___number of groomsmen
___Different boutonniere for best man?
___Mother of the bride corsage
___Mother of the groom corsage
___Stepmother corsage
___Father of the groom boutonniere
___Father of the bride boutonniere
___Stepfather boutonniere
___Grandmothers corsages
___Grandfathers boutonnieres
___Any accessories like tussy mussy holders, boutonniere and corsage pins, ribbons, flower girl baskets that the florist is providing you ___Other

___Altar, huppah, or other central arrangements
___Pew or chair decorations

___Entryway arrangements
___Centerpieces for each table
___number of tables
___Buffet table decorations
___Bar decorations
___Flowers to decorate passed trays (talk to your caterer about what they’ll need)
___Cake decorations