• The recall information provided below includes vehicle and equipment campaigns from 1966 to present. The campaigns include motor vehicle products which contained a safety-related defect or did not comply with federal motor vehicle safety standards.
    This is an on-line form to report a safety-related defect or a problem with a safety recall in your motor vehicle or motor vehicle equipment.


  • Investigation and Recall Process Booklet
    The purpose of this booklet is to answer the most commonly asked questions about safety complaints, investigations, and recalls, and to inform consumers of their rights and responsibilities when a vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipment is recalled.
  • What is a Safety Recall?
    What does it mean when a manufacturer initiates a safety recall involving vehicles or items of motor vehicle equipment?
  • New! Child Restraint Registration
    Registration form for your child’s continued safety.
  • NOTE: It is important to register your child restraint with the manufacturer to ensure you will be notified in case of a safety recall.

  • Safety Recall Compendium (pdf)
    A recall program guide in pdf format for the manufacturer preparing to conduct a safety recall.
  • Recall and Quarterly Guides
    Guide for vehicle or equipment manufacturers to use in filing a Defect or Noncompliance Information Report and quarterly recall status reports. The forms are available for downloading and can either be used as a model for the report or simply printed, completed and submitted to the agency.

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